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(145,228 Birth Data)

(Coordonnées natales et planétaires rassemblées depuis 1949)
by Michel et Françoise GAUQUELIN
© Laboratoire d'Étude des Relations entre Rythmes Cosmiques et Psychophysiologiques 1970-1984
© PG, CURA, 2001-2002 ; 2009 ; 2015


ARCHIVES GAUQUELIN : How to find the birthtime of a professional in the Archives ?
Introduction aux ARCHIVES GAUQUELIN par Patrice Guinard
Introducción a los ARCHIVOS GAUQUELIN (por Patrice Guinard, traducción Angeles Rocamora Cortés)

For the 5th CURA's revised edition, I have included names of successful professionals, althouth some are missing in each volume, and all journalists of the last one. But are statistics promising for this kind of people ? ... Also, in these series A (and for vol. D.10) I have added an exclamation point for the professionals whose birth data have been corrected from Astro-Psychological Problems, the Research Journal of Françoise, particularly in vols. 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 7.1, 7.2 and 10.2 (PG, 02-2009).

Series A. 15,940 Birth Data: Professional Notabilities (Professionnels)

Introduction to the Gauquelin's Scientific Documents (Series A) by Françoise and Michel Gauquelin
Introduction aux Documents Scientifiques (série A) par Françoise et Michel Gauquelin
Introducción a los documentos científicos (Serie A) por Françoise y Michel Gauquelin (traducción Ana Stellino)

2088 Sports Champions (Champions de Sport) (technical data) in volume 1
2088 Sports Champions (Champions de Sport) (names included)
3644 Scientists & Medical Doctors (Scientifiques) (technical data) in volume 2
3644 Scientists & Medical Doctors (Scientifiques) (names included)
3047 Military Men (Hommes de Guerre) (technical data) in volume 3
3047 Military Men (Hommes de Guerre) (names included)
1473 Painters (Peintres) & 1249 French Musicians (Musiciens) (technical data) in volume 4
1473 Painters (Peintres) & 1249 French Musicians (Musiciens) (names included)
1409 Actors (Acteurs) & 1003 Politicians (Politiciens) (technical data) in volume 5
1409 Actors (Acteurs) & 1003 Politicians (Politiciens) (names included)
2027 Writers & Journalists (Écrivains et Journalistes) (technical data) in volume 6
2027 Writers & Journalists (Écrivains et Journalistes) (names included)

The same data in .DAT format (Jigsaw)
Archives Gauquelin and Programs : Astrology research datafile handling and translating (02-2008, outside CURA: image)
Derek Norcott: Getting Research Data Into Jigsaw (09-2015, outside CURA: link)
Sports Champions (Champions de Sport) (08-2015)
Scientists & Medical Doctors (Scientifiques) (08-2015)
Military Men (Hommes de Guerre) (08-2015)
Painters (Peintres) (08-2015)
Musicians (Musiciens) (08-2015)
Actors (Acteurs) (08-2015)
Politicians (Politiciens) (08-2015)
Writers (Écrivains) (08-2015)
Journalists (Journalistes) (08-2015)

Series B. 24,950 Data : Hereditary Experiment (Expérience d'Hérédité)

Introduction to the Gauquelin's Scientific Documents (Series B)
Introduction aux Documents Scientifiques (série B) de Françoise et Michel Gauquelin

5018 Birth Data (Paris) in volume 1
4818 Birth Data (Paris) in volume 2
3898 Birth Data (Seine) in volume 3
3761 Birth Data (Seine) in volume 4
3745 Birth Data (Seine) in volume 5
3710 Birth Data (Seine) in volume 6

Series D. 8791 Birth Data of New Groups : Scientific Documents (Documents scientifiques)

The Venus Temperament. A Tentative Description volume 4
450 New famous European Sports Champions (Champions de Sport) in volume 6 (names included)
623 French Murderers (Assassins) in volume 9
4526 French Mental Patients (Malades Mentaux) in volume 9
1794 French Alcoholics (Alcooliques) in volume 9
1398 Data of Successful Americans (names included) in volume 10 (With a Catalogue of 1370 Characters Traits)

Series E. New Birth Data Series (85,087 Birth Data)

2154 French Physicians, Army Leaders, Top Executives (names included) in volume 1
(With the position of the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the 36 Gauquelin Sectors)
1540 French Writers, Artists, Actors, Politicians & Journalists (names included) in volume 3
(With the position of the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the 36 Gauquelin Sectors)

Series F. New Miscellaneous Data (10,460 Birth & Death Data)

"9280" (i.e. 9272) Birth and Death Data (mostly infants) in Paris (unpublished)
1180 New Birth Data of Liberation Fighters and Army Professionals (unpublished)

Series NH. New Heredity Data (Nouvelles Données d'Hérédité) (81,393 Heredity Data)
8219 New Birth Data (Paris 12) in volume 2
6918 New Birth Data (Paris 13) in volume 2
13109 New Birth Data (Paris 14, Port-Royal Maternity) unpublished
17131 New Birth Data (Paris 14, Baudelocque Maternity) unpublished
11370 New Birth Data (Paris 15) unpublished
11242 New Birth Data (Lille) unpublished
13404 New Birth Data (Bourges) unpublished

Married-Couple Data
The Gauquelin Married-Couple Data (introduction N. Kollerstrom) (06-2015)
41,832 Married-Couple Data (CSV format) (06-2015)
41,832 Married-Couple Data (tab-delimited TXT format) (06-2015)

Bibliographical Material
Publications of the Gauquelin Laboratory (L.E.R.R.C.P.)
Astro-Psychological Problems. A List of Published Articles.

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